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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a complete instrument cluster included in a graphics package?

A: No. Restored instrument clusters are shown throughout the website as examples of restorations done with graphics packages from FJ40 Gauges.

Q: Do you offer other FJ40 gauge components for purchase?

A: Occasionally we will have gauge components, and/or individual gauges available for purchase. When available, they will be listed in a separate section of the website.  

Q: Is gauge face restoration something that anyone can do?

A: With a little patience and moderate DIY skills, professional results can be achieved with our gauge cluster restoration packages. Please view the Quick Tips page. This page is a quick visual tutorial of restoring the gauge faces that will give you an idea of the process. If you have the skills to disassemble the gauge housing (for example), most likely you'll think "Yes, I can do that!".  

Q: Can I send my instrument cluster to FJ40 Gauges, and have it restored at your facility?

A:  Yes. Restoration services are available on a limited basis. Please use the form on the Contact page to make inquiries about restoration services.

Q: What is the best way to remove the old paint from gauge faces?

A: If you have access to a media blaster, blasting the faces with 80 grit glass bead gives excellent results. Blast the small flat faces at 60 PSI; speedometer face and inner bezel at 80 PSI.

Chemical strippers, such as lacquer thinner, can be used as well.

Q: Is it best to apply the graphics wet, or dry?

A: Dry application is fast, and the graphics adhere immediately. If you are familiar with vinyl graphics applications, this is the fastest way to go. Use the test pattern provided in your graphics package to get the feel of application before making a decision. Both methods work equally well.

Wet Application Info

Wetting the "location marker" areas of  a gauge face works out well, also.  This will give you the opportunity to

 slide the transfer into position before attaching the graphics. A dab of window cleaner on the tip of your finger will be sufficient. Use sparingly. Just moisten the area enough so that the transfer tape will slide into position, then lower the graphics into place. If any of the liquid gets under the graphics, don't panic. No problem at all. Just leave the gauge face to set for 1/2 hour so that the liquid will have time to evaporate. DO NOT put in direct sunlight (or use heat to dry) with liquid underneath the graphics. Bubbling may occur if you do so. After the liquid evaporates, the adhesive will set as well as a dry application.


Payments and Shipping

Payment Info

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, and PayPal account payments are securely processed through PayPal. Payments will appear on your statement as paid to GAUGE MARKS. All payments are secure, and no personal information (other than order details, receipt of payment, name,  and shipping address)  is provided to Gauge Marks or  FJ40 Gauges.  

Q: Do you offer a discount for larger orders?

A: Single orders in excess of $750 US are eligible for a commercial discount. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing in bulk.

Shipping Info

Q: Do you offer expedited shipping/delivery options?

A: Yes. We provide USPS Priority shipping within the USA and USPS First Class shipping to international destinations free of charge. If you prefer a different shipping/delivery option, please contact us through the Contact page. Inform us of the items you would like to purchase, as well as preferred shipping/delivery method. A personalized invoice can be sent to your email address. 

Q: How can I track my order progress after purchasing?

A: All orders placed Mon-Fri before 3:00 pm EST will be shipped the following business day. Orders placed after 3:00 PM will be shipped the 2nd following business day.  You will receive shipping and tracking information (where available) via email.