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Quick Tips

The Graphics Package

Using The Location Markers

  • Align bottom edge of speedometer graphics first, then roll into place
  • For inner speedometer graphics, align dots with screw holes
  • For small gauges, align dots with rivet holes
  • For Bezel graphics, align angled hash lines with the inside corners of  windows 
FJ40 gauge cluster graphics from

Example Graphics Package

Photo of a typical graphics package.

Shown with transfer tape cover.

Gauge Cluster Disassembly

fj40 gauge cluster restoration instructions

Remove the outer bezel by prying the attaching clips upward. 

fj40 temp gauge face restoration

Support the corners of the small gauge faces when drilling rivets.

Needles (pointers) do not have to be removed. 

FJ40 gauge cluster graphics from

Bag and tag everything.

Mark the backs of gauge faces for easy identification.  

fj40 speedometer needle removal

Remove speedometer needle by grasping the needle base and turning counter-clockwise

Prep And Paint

Hopeless, right? 

Nah, we've got this!

fj40 gauge faces bead blasted

 80 Grit glass bead can work wonders on surface rust. 

Blast small gauge faces at 60 PSI.

Blast bezel and speedometer faces at 80 PSI.

Paint on a stick.. FJ40 gauge cluster graphics from

HOT TIP!  Attach a strip of  painter's tape (sticky-side-up) to a flat piece of wood (think a paint stir stick)

Attach the gauge faces to the tape, then hold the stick upright while  spray painting.  Works great!

fj40 gauge face restoration

Spray with a quality satin enamel.  Krylon actually makes great paint that sprays smoothly, and has very good UV resistance.

Using the Graphics

Prepping FJ40 speedometer graphics for application

Use a squeegee (or similar item) to rub over the transfer tape before peeling from the backing sheet. 

Removing fj40 speedometer graphics from transfer from backing sheet

Slowly peel the transfer tape away from the backing sheet, starting in one corner. If any of the graphics are not attached, lay back down and repeat first step. 

fj40 speedometer restoration graphics on transfer tape

The transfer tape will have the graphics attached when removed from backing sheet. Be careful not to touch the graphics on the adhesive side once removed from the backing sheet.

fj40 speedometer restoration graphics. Removing transfer tape.

Inner speedometer markings will align at the screw holes. Rub over the markings from the center outward. The numbers and lettering need to attach first, and then the hash marks to the inner ledge.

FJ40 gauge cluster graphics from

Align the lower line of speedometer graphics first, then roll forward into place. Always Rub over graphics (for good adhesion) before removing the transfer tape.

FJ40 gauge cluster graphics from

Small gauge graphics align with dots at the screw/rivet holes. Always peel transfer tape away at an angle.

FJ40 gauge cluster graphics from

Hash marks align in the bezel window corners for proper horizontal and vertical alignment of bezel lettering and symbols.

FJ40 gauge cluster graphics from

Align dot location markers with screw holes. Press lettering into place, then peel the transfer tape away.

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